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Used mainly for rearing purely on pasture, in confinement or in the open country. Ideal for the prevention of weight loss in winter, but, on the contrary for keeping and even increasing weight where dry, deferred pastures or only rolls are consumed.

With Biosal Max we attain the same objective at lower costs.

Ideal for rearing of calves that consume dry or frozen pastures

Self-consumption reduces the farm´s logistical expenses

Maximum digestibility of any available fiber

Daily weight gain is over 300g per animal, no supplements

Lower costs to produce meat

Larger load per hectare

Species and category

Aimed at bovines (all categories)


The product is for self-consumption.


Consumption ranges from 100 to 500 g/animal/day depending on the category and digestibility of the forage.

Conditions and storage period

Store in a cool, dry place, protected from sunlight. Storage period is 12 months to be counted as from manufacture date.

General precautions

There are no contraindications.

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