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A bio nutritional pre-mix made up of macro and micro minerals, essential nutrients required by the microorganisms of the rumen, with the addition of probiotics and prebiotics (enzyme complexes, yeasts, vitamins and freeze-dried microorganisms).

These components provide the ruminal biota with all that is necessary to attain its maximum expression and to make for the best possible digestibility of all the food ingested by the animal.

For the maintenance of the corporal condition of cattle in general

Same results as traditional supplements, but at a much lower cost

Ideal for breeding cows with nursing calves and/or pregnant cows to keep up their condition.

Species and category

Aimed at bovines (all categories).


The product is for self -consumption and may be mixed with food according to age productive capacity.


In self-consumption, between 50 and 100 anim/day; mixed with food, the dose is 10kg/ ton in matter as.

Conditions and storage period

Store in a cool, dry place, protected from sunlight. Storage period is 12 months to be counted as from manufacture date.

General precautions

There are no contraindications.

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