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Small Ruminants

This supplement has been developed with caprine, ovine and camelid species in mind, with bio ingredients that increase the digestibility of the cellulose and hemicellulose present in deferred or low quality pastures. Lowering costs to produce the same or better is the best tool that can be offered to the breeder.

Self-consumption or by the ration

More digestibility of any available fiber

More production of milk in goats and sheep with the same habitual ration

They eat pastures that theywith the feed did not use to eat

Lower cost of the ration and larger production

Species and category

Ovines, caprines, camelids.


The product is for self-consumption and may be mixed with food.


In self-consumption, from 10 to 30 g/ animal/ day, depending on the quality and digestibility of forage. If mixed with the feed, the dose is 10 kg per ton of matter as such.

Conditions and storage period

Store in a cool, dry place, protected from sunlight. Storage period is 12 months to be counted as from date of manufacture.

General precautions

There are no contraindication

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