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Traditional Line

This is a combination of minerals and wide spectrum antimicrobial agents which leads to better profit from the nutrients provided by the feed.

Antimicrobial agents regulate the gut flora and eliminate harmfulbacteria, while minerals are beneficial for the physiology of metabolism.

Balanced feed aimed at calves in cases of guacheras (artificial rearing systems) or early weaning in rearing systems. This product comes in micro pelletsandcontains additives, antibiotics and flavoring, which give it unique appearance and palatability.
Aimed at substituting mothers´ milk, this product is therefore formulated with highly digestible milk by-products. No soy proteins in its formula.


Anionic Salts

A product that has been formulated and balanced to actively keep the metabolism of calcium and prevent physio-pathological problems in highly productive cows which are closeto calving, preventing retained placenta and cow fall.


Aimed at animals growing with high nutritional requirements to reach good growth and efficientimmunological development.


This product offers the chance of producing high quality feeds, in the certainty that the animals are protected from food poisoning caused by mycotoxines produced by the fungi which are frequently present in feed components.

Premix Feed Lot

A product manufactured for the provision of daily minerals, needed for optimum growth, stimulating feed consumption to attain maximum feed conversion rate.